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Undeniable Feelings

Greetings, followers. It is I, archerpoet, and I would first like to apologize for the length of time I have neglected to post on this blog. For today, I’ll go a little in depth on what it’s like to feel certain feelings for the first time, and how to come to terms with them. I’m talking about love, the romantic type, and, for some, even the familial type of love. But first, the romantic type. Depending on the situation, it can happen at any moment. One minute, everything is normal, then the next you find yourself, could it be, falling for someone? And hard. This type of thing happening is very sudden, and, without knowing how to deal with it properly, can send your entire life spiraling into chaos. You could be up at night wondering, “Do I really feel this way?” Well, I’ll tell you exactly how to find out if the feelings are genuine, or if they’re only a strong feeling of friendship and familial bonding.

The most important thing you need to know, first of all, is that things like that, if they are real, take time. For example, say you meet someone for the first time, then claim to be totally in love with them just because of the way they look. Something as superficial as that definitely IS NOT true love. True love, as I said, takes time, so, whoever you fall for, you usually have to have known this person for a certain amount of time, so you can get to know them. If it’s real, you’ll fall for them by the person they are on the inside, not the outside. So, the old saying, “it’s what’s inside that counts” has been true since the beginning, and still is today. Even if you’re like me, someone who’s fine being alone romantically, and you swear up and down that you’ll never fall in love, it can get you when you least expect it. Trust me. You wouldn’t know at the time, but the person you want to be with could come in your life at anytime, and you could not realize it until after you’ve known them for a particular amount of time. It happens all the time, and that, is what I believe is the truest form of love. It just goes to show that this world really is a beautiful place when you look at stuff like that, because, with anyone you meet, miracles can be born.

Now, with the familial type of love, well, that’s more common, especially if you’re like me. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of a team, like archery, or softball, or any sport, club or group, then you already know how that goes. At least, you should. When you loin something like that and stick with it for a good amount of time, you make connections through the activities you participate, so, if nothing else, you can make new friends based on having that one thing alone in common. After so long, you really start to feel like you’re part of more than one family. Because, of course, you don’t always have to be related by blood to be like family. For this reason, and this reason alone, you should always, ALWAYS make the most of every single moment you have with these wonderful people you can meet in you life, because you never know when it will have to end. Now this, this is just another one of those miracles of life I was telling you about. Hold on to those people for as long as you can, always hold them dear, and always spend time with them the way you would if you knew you would never see them again after you part ways. Life is a precious, precious gift, so always do your best to make the most of it.

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